Our ATM business will focus on leasing and placement of Bitcoin ATMs beginning with the North American market. We intend to partner with manufacturers that use open source software with the objective of expanding beyond traditional ATM offerings of simply purchasing or selling Bitcoins. Our objectives within the space include offering enhanced ATM services such as exchanging between virtual currencies and purchasing prepaid debit cards for use in both online and offline purchases.

Key aspects of our ATM business include

  • MJMI.qb has an established relationships with a leading manufacturers of Bitcoin ATMs.
  • Competitors have launched Bitcoin ATMs in major North Ameerican cities, validating the space.
  • Opportunity to be at the forefront of the next ATM wave.
  • Next phase of industry development will include integration of ATMs with debit and credit cards as well as traditional bank accounts.
  • Bitcoin poised to be the currency of choice for low income global residents who cannot afford or otherwise obtain a bank account. ATMs will be their primary access to hard currency.

Providing safe and accessible products and services to users of Bitcoin and other digital currencies.