Who is MarilynJean.com?

MarilynJean.com ("MarilynJean")  is the mom’s mom.  We provide new moms with the information and products they need to demystify their pregnancy and reduce the amount of money they spend on preparations.

MarilynJean is a website that combines practical advice on what to expect, with large savings on select maternity products that rate highly among peers.

Company History

In 2011 MarilynJean was launched from Vancouver, Canada as Canada's first private sale online shopping club for families by a passionate team whose focus is on Family First.

As our business grew we found that 1st time moms needed a destination to not only purchase products but understand what to expect from their pregnancy based on evidence-based research on authentic products.

MarilynJean informs, supports and equips new moms with all the things they need to remove anxiety and unnecessary cost. MarilynJean is the first choice in pregnancy planning.

By matching high quality content with the pregnancy stages, MarilynJean aims to provide highly relevant information that settles anxiety and empowers mums.

MarilynJean combines the opinion of experienced moms with professional advice, delivering distilled insights to the mom when she needs it most.

Unlike other guides, MarilynJean combines this motherly insight with agnostic product offers that can save moms up to 70%* (*on select products).

MarilynJean removes the anxiety and high cost of welcoming your first family member.

Where is your shipping facility located? 

Our packing & shipping warehouse is located in Lower Mainland, Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.